Vacancy Vacancy 17-09-29 en-us Mo/rmo/smo/emo – Mbbs – for North India Wed, 26 Jul 2017 00:00:00 +0530 Job Description\r\n\r\nsection One\r\ndesignation: Resident/ Senior Medical Officer: Multi/super Speciality Hospital\r\n\r\nreporting To: Head of Department Emergency Services – for all Clinical Matters, and as Required the Heads of Department of Internal Medicine and Ophrs for Inpatient Service.\r\n\r\nclinical Services Manager – for all Administrative Matters\r\nnature of Appointment: Full Time\r\n\r\ndate: August 2016\r\nlocation: Jalandhar\r\n\r\nweekly Timetable: the Medical Officer Will Overall Work An Average of 60 – 70 Standard Hours per Week as Follows:\r\n\r\nduty Shifts Hours: Clinical: Rostered Sessions, Including: Telephone, Ad Hoc, Family Meetings, Letters, Health Promotion, Etc.\r\n\r\nnon-clinical: Self-development, Grand Rounds, Audit and Qa, Teaching, Supervision, Planning, Etc. of One 8 Hour Shift\r\ntotal per Week 6/ 60\r\n\r\nsummary of On-call Duties:\r\nthe Medical Officer is Available for Unexpected Emergency Cover Out of Hours.\r\njob Descriptions Shall Be Varied from Time to Time to Record Any Agreed Changes to Rosters and Staffing Levels.\r\n\r\nsection Two\r\nthe Medical Practitioner is Required to Undertake Their Clinical Responsibilities and to Conduct Themselves in all Matters Relating to Their Employment, in Accordance with Best Practice and Relevant Ethical and Professional Standards and Guidelines, as Determined from Time to Time.\r\n\r\nsection Three\r\nthis Section of Your Job Description Contains a List of the Clinical Duties and Activities Required for this Particular Position\r\nward Rounds and Ward Work\r\nreading and Responding to Patient\r\nreferral Letters\r\ndiscussions and Meetings with Care Givers and Patient’s Research and Study Related to the Treatment of a Specific Patient.\r\nmulti-disciplinary Meetings, Case Conference and Reviews\r\ncommunity Health Promotion Activities\r\ntelephone and other Ad Hoc Consultations Preparation of Police, Coroner, Legal, Acc and Similar Reports\r\nclinical Duties: General Duties\r\nprovide Efficient and Effective Assessment and Management of the Department’s Patients